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Friday, June 26, 2009

Vibrant San Fran

I love my job! Have I ever mentioned that? Well, I do. This past week I was able to spend most of it in sunny San Fransisco. What was the purpose for the office outing? The National Conference on Volunteering and Service. This was a conference highlighted by the keynote speaker of Michelle Obama. We did not make the opening session to hear her speak though. I don't think I missed out though, instead of seeing the opening ceremony we went to Yosemite. No trip is complete with sight seeing of the city! Like any trip with my boss, it was four days PACKED full of stuff.

1. Landed in San Fran and rented a car. Since it was lunch, of course we went to In-n-Out for a delish burger. Never been? The time you're in California, you have to stop by and try your fries "Animal Style" YUMMY!

2. Next we drove down Hwy 1 to see the beach and a few surfers while walking along side the Pacific Ocean.

3. We made our way back into the city and crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge. No trip is complete with a walk across, so we did.

4. Onward we drove the Muir Forest to see the Redwood trees. Absolutely beautiful! (but only a taste of the next day)

5. Woke up bright and early to beat the traffic out of the city, only to find our rental car's front window busted! Yep, experiencing San Fransisco in all ways possible. We were robbed! GPS gone! My first ever 911 call went something like this:
me- "umm, I need to report a robbery. Our car was broken into and our GPS was stolen."
police responder- "Did you see it happen?"
me- "No, we just came out and the window was busted out."
police responder- "Okay"


me- "We need an officer to come write a report."
police responder- "We don't send officers out for this, you can either bring the car to a police station or register it online."
Really?! Yep, undoubtedly this kind of thing happens all the time...

6. Go back to Enterprise and get our second car and get on the road.

7. Hike up and down a mountain. See some of the most beautiful scenery ever! This hike, by the way, was no walk in the park. Imagine doing a stairmaster for TWO hours straight! My calves are still working out the soreness! All the exhaustion and soreness was worth missing Michelle Obama to see the sights we saw.

at the beginning of the hike, before the tiredness set in
view from the top of the first waterfall
view from the top of the second waterfall... totally worth it!

8. Then conference time! I was able to meet a lot of people with the same interest of promoting civic engagement and volunteerism. I was also able to bring a good bit of information back to incorporate in our program.

Overall a great week so far! Can you believe the summer is half way over?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unusual Conversations

It sometimes makes me laugh how the conversations between two females can ebb and flow into totally unrelated topics. Today I was in the car with a great friend and the convo started about work. Likes, dislikes, exciting things going on, frustrations and so forth. Then I'm not sure how it happened, but we were in a detailed discussion about the type of face wash we use. What we look for in a face wash, what kinds we've used, and on and on. I absolutely could not imagine two guys have an in depth conversation about this topic. The topics continued to bounce for the duration of the car ride across town. Before dropping her off, we had covered exercising on the trace, work, face cleansers, housing in town, boards, and back to work.

After dropping her off at her office, it occurred to me how random our conversation was. Does this ever happen to you? Or am I just random?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TCK Friend

Have you met my TCK friend? If you haven't, I think you should. If you went to Southern Miss, you probably do know her. If you've read past posts, you might remember her from some of my past travels. This is one her specialties.
She is one of my most diverse friends and has great worldly knowledge. Better than that though, she's a TON of fun to hang out with. She is a person that has honestly taken every piece of her childhood, college, family, and professional life to make who she is.

Have you guessed who my TCK friend is?

If you guessed:

Then, you're right!

My "Third Culture Kid" friend, Jessica also has a blog. She explains what it means to be a TCK. Check her out here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saving Lives... All in a Day's Work

Yesterday I had the unique experience of helping save a life. Let me explain...

When I got to work the guy told me that a kitty decided to ride to work with him. He mentioned thinking he heard meowing while he drove, but thought nothing of it. Once he arrived to work, he could hear the meow coming from beneath his vehicle. He managed to look under the car and saw that a cat had crawled on the spare tire and was scared to come out. Quite honestly, if I had found a nice quiet place to sleep and then was abruptly woken by a speeding and bouncy ground flying under me, I would be a bit frightened too. There's times I'm scared when I'm buckled up in the passenger seat. Needless to say, there was no coaxing this kitty out. 

The guy thought well I have to go to work, the cat will come out on its own. End of story? Not quite...

After work we walked to our cars together. Once we approached his, you could a meow. A unhappy meow. The kitty was still there! A whole day under the car in that heat! Having more time to free the kitty, we got w
ork. Once the guy had lowered the spare tire, my job was to get the cat from beneath the car. The little kitten was not having it though. A nice man walking through the lot asked if he could help. Between the two of them laying on the parking lot ground in their dress clothes, they were able to get their hands on the kitten. 

What they pulled out was this: (not actually kitten, but it's almost the same)

A precious little orange calico kitten with the prettiest blue eyes. A precious little kitten that went wild when put on the ground. A precious little kitten that wasn't so precious, but actually ferral! That cat was crazy! Then it ran back under the car. Another much quicker rescue later, my job now was to hold the little animal while a box was found. 

The little wild kitten was then boxed up to be taken home with the guy to his vet school bound sister. She'll know what to do with it. So now a home is needed for a very precious kitten. Any takers??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wheew... It's been a while since my last post. For those who wondered- Yes, I'm still alive. A lot has been going on lately, so let's do a quick recap from February (goodness!!). 

Picking back up in February... 

I last left off telling about my birthday gift for the boy.  For his day we went the Southern Miss baseball game for a little bit. We got free tickets and he LOVES baseball which makes for a perfect pair. We then went by my house to open his present. He was soo excited about the little vacay to Savannah, GA. We then went to dinner at his favorite restaurant- Outback.  That basically wraps up that month. 

On-ward March...

Work was busy as ever with the closing of our applications for our internal leadership teams. Then came on the interviews. Being the smart (insert sarcastic inflection) person I am, I decided to hold individual interviews for the group I work with. WOW! A great time to get to know the students, but it makes for a loooong day(s) which makes for a really really long week! BUT right when I wanted to hit my head against the wall Spring Break came!! Yay! 
We were Savannah bound! Interestingly enough during the forever car ride (which we broke into two days) we did not get on each other's nerves. I think that's a sign...

I managed to pick a conveniently located hotel that was perfect for walking around the city. We ate TOO much, danced in the streets, and all around had a great time! We joined in on the St. Paddy's festivities, but then also were able to see the 'normal everyday' life of Savannah once the holiday people rolled out. (sorry I can't access any pics at the moment)  I could most definitely live in Savannah! My new dream is to have a bed and breakfast there. I think the guy would go for it too!

Moving on to April...

Vacation over and back to work! April brought a lot! Easter and Relay for Life along with Live after Five. I discovered a new attraction that the city offers every August and April- Live after Five. What it this? Well- it's awesome! Every Friday during these two months starting at 5pm there is live music in a downtown park for FREE! What a great idea! Tons of people come out with their kids, or friends if they don't have kids and bring their blankets and lawn chairs to listen/dance to the music. A.MA.ZING! 

April brought both the good news and the bad. As for the bad, I ask for prayers for my family. We are going through a tough situation that is too close to home to share at the moment. So I ask for you to pray. Enough of the bad though... on with the good!

April also marked the beginning of my best friend's husband MLB career. Brent Leach was called up to play with the LA Dodgers in April! You can see more on Sara's Blog. She does a great job of keeping everyone up to date with the on-goings of their lives. Congrats to Brent and Sara!!!

In the words of Etta James, At Last... May...

Ah the home-stretch of the semester. Once May hits, you know there is hope that you will make it to the summer. I hope I'm not sounding dramatic, but there are times in the semester when the word busy does even begin to define work! 

May= relief!

And so here we are at the end of May. An eventful and whirlwind of a past few months! Where has the time gone?! My summer is pretty much planned out already too. A conference in San Fran, vacation with family on the beach, a wedding in Gatlinburg, plus work and August will be here in a blink of the eye! Oh my!